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by Gloria Achieng Cynthia Imali 1 year ago 2 comments

I agree with the idea that child behavior has greatly worsened compared to how it was years ago. This can be clearly seen from the points below.

Firstly, in this new generation, children have become imitators in the society. This is one of the major factors that have affected growth of this generation. This has been brought about by what they see, hear and also things they experience. ‘My dress my choice’ is not a positive factor since it entail imitation. Again, children have been led astray by the internet due to their own ignorance e.g. through Facebook, whatsApp and twitter. This results to children being allowed to get access to tablets and computers. Unlike in the past generation, children were taught how to dress decently.

Secondly, children of this generation are attention seekers. They intend to seek attention through various ways. Example, the dressing mode, where; they dress in short miniskirts, tight trousers and also other transparent clothing that exposes their nudity. In the past, children dressed with respect, especially to the elders in the society. They also seek attention by taking pictures using cell phones and exposing those to social media in order to attain more likes. This will instead lower their dignity. The other way they seek attention is by speaking out loud. Attention seeking gives children false courage that results to them lacking total respect over their elders. Therefore, parents should stick closer to their children in order to teach them manners.

Thirdly, in this generation, children are fast to anger. This is as a result of them lacking proper guidelines thus ending up losing control. This results when they can no longer cope with their emotions hence, leading to them messing up either by fighting, or disregarding their parents. It is advisable for parents to guide their children on matters of anger control. This can be through parents engaging their children on everyday talk that would at least reduce chances of anger by a percentage. In the past, children were taught by elders on how to manage their anger by showing love amongst them. Hence, same rule should apply now, in that, when love exists between teenagers and parents, anger will hardly be seen.

To add, children of this generation lack awareness about boundaries. Children hardly know to back off especially when they are speaking to elders. At home, children should keep off from accessing parent’s privacy or even answering back rudely. Children shouldn’t also answer their parents’ phones unless they are allowed to. At home, children tend to pick their parents phones without their authority, this leads to them accessing privacy from their phones. Children of the old generation were able to cope and absorb lessons from the elders and also parents. Hardly will a child of those days give rude answers to the elders, or even get into a room before knocking the door. Therefore, parents shouldn’t give their children full authority over accessing their property. And also, should teach them when to touch and when not to.

In conclusion, the above arguments clearly supports on how true the child misbehavior has worsened.

By Gloria Achieng and Cynthia Imali .f2

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