Administration | Kiseryan Girls Senior Academy

Ann Ndungu

The school is headed by an experienced administrator and educationist, Madam. Ann Ndung’u (B.Ed Hons. UoN). In the administration team is the Deputy Principal, Dean of Students, Heads of Departments, class teachers and subject teachers. They are all tasked with the responsibilities of ensuring that the course syllabus is completed on time, guiding students to excellence, good behaviour and conduct and addressing the needs and challenges the young person in total. We provide co curricular non examinable subjects, in Pastry & Bakery, Cookery, Decorations, Bead Work and Fine Arts as additional skills that can be deployed and further developed post school for self sustenance or employment, not to mention opening avenues for the development of innate personal skills.

Joseph Njenga
Deputy Principal

Mr. Njenga is a BEd Moi University graduate with many years teaching experience in Kenya and outside. He deputises the Principal, is Head of Department Geography, and has been with the school since beginning. He has provided vision, purpose, management support and continuity for the girl students

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