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Dean Academics

Mongoina Charles
Dean Academics

As a family of Kiseryan Girls Senior Academy we believe in fusing academic and spiritual worlds. Jesus told us

“whatever you do to the least, you have done unto me.” - Mathew 25
Our girls are yearning for education and therefore they are the least. Meaning that every time we are serving them we are serving Jesus himself. This is the guiding spirit in our school for we belief that a well nurtured girl holds a promise for a successful Kenyan mother in the very near future. Our teachers are dedicated to their duties and they are always there to fill the parental vacancy in the term periods while the girls are with us and away from home. Indeed, the whole school is divided into families each with a teacher in charge, which meets every week to share, pray and take care of each other. This small group community organisation brings us closer together and creates harmony conducive for good learning. The school tracks and rewards students’ performance from the point of entry to exit. This has helped in improving the performance of our girls. Our future as K.G.S.A family is bright for we believe God will give us the desires of our hearts. We endeavour to continue to create excellence in Kenya and beyond. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.


Kemboi Justus

The department of mathematics exists to support the study and advancement of mathematics. Mathematical reasoning is a uniquely effective method of describing and analyzing human experience. As such, it is an indispensible part of any education in the science or liberal arts.

The department of mathematics combines the traditional focus of a liberal arts mathematics education with modern technology to create an environment that fosters quantitative reasoning and deductive thinking, and that promotes mathematical understanding.

The mathematics instruction at KGSA is designed to develop strength in mathematics and to develop skills in reasoning and problem solving, enabling students to approach questions in other academic areas as well as in life situations logically, rationally and analytically.

At KGSA our aim is to empower students mathematically so that they have the ability to explore, conjecture and reason logically as well as have the ability to use a variety of mathematical methods effectively to serve non routine problems .

All students should;-

Value Mathematics

Students should have opportunities to understand that mathematics demonstrates the divine order of the universe, which God created. They should also have numerous and varied experiences related to the cultural, historical and scientific evolution of mathematics. This will help them to appreciate the role of mathematics in the development of our contemporary society and explore relationships among mathematics and the disciplines it serves, the physical and life sciences, the social sciences and the humanities.

Numerical Skills

As a result of studying mathematics, students need to view themselves as capable of using their growing mathematical power to make sense of new problems and situation in the world around them.

Communicate Mathematically

The development of a student’s power to use mathematics evolves learning the vocabulary of mathematics. This is best accomplished in problem situation in which students have an opportunity to read, write and discuss ideas in which the use of the language of mathematics become natural. As students communicate their ideas, they learn to clarify, refine and consolidate their thinking. Each student’s ability to solve problems is essential if she is to be a productive citizen. Although some work maybe accomplish independently, other work could involve small groups or an entire class working cooperatively.

In KGSA, the mathematics department prides in having experienced and qualified staff members that enable any student to add value in their mathematics scores and make them realise the grades required in their diverse career paths after high school. At our department every student feels valued and their concerns are addressed professionally. Welcome to our school and let us all achieve our academic and co curricular goals.


Glyne Chesoli

Languages are basic and fundamental in understanding instructions, learning, communicating and answering questions and enquiries, which are the core of learning. Languages are power tools in education. to learn At KGSA we value English and Kiswahili and we have come up with various clubs to empower our girls; journalism, debate, Chama cha Kiswahili. These clubs enhance good communication, reading, and debating skills. They also prepare public and enhance address skills. These programmes and of course classroomtaught mastery of languages prepares students for meaningful interactions with people, help them understand the inextricable link between language and culture and at the same time deepening their understanding of their own language and culture.


John Mokua

We the science department in KGSA believe in science. Without science the society is not complete .Science is a solution to a number of challenges in the society. Our school is ready for such challenges. Our science laboratories are well equipped with requisite equipment and apparatus. The department has competent teachers with a qualified laboratory technician who put emphasis on science subject practical lessons and practice to help our students develop a positive attitude towards sciences i.e. physics, chemistry and biology.

Our teaching of sciences has been enhanced by our e-learning laboratory where teaching of sciences through animated graphics and illustrations make sciences learning interesting and fun, and therefore easier.