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About Us



" We the family of kiseryan Girls Senior Academy take this opportunity to welcome you to our school. There are some important benefits here for every student. Besides giving the student a conducive atmosphere, Kiseryan Girls exposes one to great variety of well behaved students, living as sisters in an exceptionally friendly motivating and exciting environment of an extensive array of societies, clubs and activities. I can assure you that your daughter will not regret having made the decision to belong to this great school of high learning. Congratulation for becoming a mother, a father, a guardian or a sponsor of a girl in this school"

Our Vision

“To mould young persons through instruction and knowledge and empower them to serve and change society positively”.

Our Mission

“We provide wholistic education in a homely learning environment, to produce young enlightened persons, endowed with positive value systems & self worth that they may become agents of positive change in the society”.

A brief history of the School

The school was started in 2003. The school aims to giving a girl child the necessary skills and values that will equip her to fight for equal opportunity and compete fairly in this dynamic and challenging society. Over the years the school has grown and our girls getting admitted to different institutions of higher learning, and engaged in other sectors of the society and economy.


The school is headed by an experienced administrator and educationist, Madam. Ann Ndung’u (B.Ed Hons. UoN). In the administration team is the Deputy Principal, Dean of Students, Heads of Departments, class teachers and subject teachers. They are all tasked with the responsibilities of ensuring that the course syllabus is completed on time, guiding students to excellence, good behaviour and conduct and addressing the needs and challenges the young person in total. We provide co curricular non examinable subjects, in Pastry & Bakery, Cookery, Decorations, Bead Work and Fine Arts as additional skills that can be deployed and further developed post school for self sustenance or employment, not to mention opening avenues for the development of innate personal skills.


Our Team

Ann Nyambura Ndungu
Joseph Njenga
Deputy Principal
Justus Kemboi
Dean Academics
Kemboi Justus
HOD Mathematics